I would like every child who is educated in Broughton to have a happy and healthy experience. It is important that pupils have a good experience of all aspects of school life and leave Broughton as well rounded and capable individuals. The happy and welcoming ethos of our school is central to our belief that happy children learn well and that happy children ensure we have happy parents and staff.

Since taking up post as headteacher of both Broughton and Newlands Primaries in August 1999, I have had the privilege of being part of the lives of the children, parents and staff who have been part of Broughton. There have been changes and challenges, one of the major being the introduction of a revised curriculum. I am delighted to say that staff and pupils have met these challenges and we are enjoying the flexibility and opportunities this had provided.

Maureen Sharp

Broughton Primary School

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THE SCHOOL DAY (as of 19.08.2014)

Monday to Thursday

08.45 Start of school day

10.30 -10.45 Morning break  

12.30 -13.15 Lunch  

15.15 End of school day


08.45 Start of school day

11.15- 12.05 Brunch  

12.35 End of school day

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