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Our Parent Council's work is varied and good fun.  There is an opportunity for everyone to be involved, and the more the merrier!  

Just ask and we'll always listen to your ideas...

we're always looking for inspiration!

About parent councils

In September 2007, Parent Councils were introduced to replace School Boards and PTA’s, with the aim of encouraging and making it easier for parents to get involved in their children’s education and the life of the school. All parents are members of the school’s Parent Forum, and the Parent Council is a smaller group of parents who represent the views and interests of the forum. The Parent Council meets once a term and is open to all parents.  We absolutely welcome your input and are always on the lookout for ideas and support!

Our objectives

The pupil council

Broughton Primary has a Pupil Council, who's remit is to report to the Parent Council and tell us what would enhance their lives at school. Their requests are often very small, but hugely important to them and we try our best to accommodate their wishes!  In the past, this has been everything from a mirror in the boy's toilet, a sandpit, netball strips for the up and coming netball stars - to the latest gifts, which were the big ones the interactive whiteboard.  

Our green flag

The pupils and staff, with help from a number of hugely committed and enthusiastic parents, helped Broughton Primary achieve Green Flag status in 2009.  

The children are proud of their well tended vegetable garden, which provides ingredients for the occasional bowl of delicious soup!  

They also created a 'mini beast' garden at the side of the school, which provides a home for lots of little beasties.

For more information on our Green Flag status please CLICK HERE.  

Registering yourself places you under no obligation.

From time to time, the Council may benefit from comment, advice, or help from, for instance, someone with knowledge of the planning process, or traffic police, or a photographer, or leaflet design, or a bouncy castle, or running a stall, just about anything !

This register allows us to get to the source, quickly!  

Parent skills register

Get involved
The Parent Council leads a number of initiatives and we need help!  

We invite all parents to register their skills and interests or volunteer their time to help the school and the Parent Council.

As well as particular skills, we also need anyone with the enthusiasm to help! So please, get registered, and who knows, one day soon you might get 'the call'!   

Enter your details below if you’d like to register your skills.
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