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Your child will have been given a buddy and they are there for your children in the morning, at break and to help get them ready at home time.  


By the nursery garden is the Friendship Bench.  If your child doesn’t have anyone to play with they can go sit on the bench and someone will come along to play.  It’s not used much as the children are usually too busy running about having fun but it’s nice to know it’s there if they need it.


We can't stress enough how important it is for the P1’s to have the correct indoor footwear - something they can put on themselves (not laces!) Unfortunately the teachers and the buddies don’t have time to put everyone’s shoes on and it can distress the P1’s if they can’t do it.  Remember to ask them if they still fit as the term goes on as they never remember to tell you!


Letters always come home on a Thursday so look in their bags on that day.


The children play out in all kinds of weather (unless it’s horrendously bad) so remember an outdoor coat every day.


The teacher will put a homework diary and any reading book into the school bag.  This should be checked each evening to see if there is any homework and initial when it’s complete.  The homework diary should go back in the bag every evening.  P1’s homework will be re-enforcing what they’ve learnt in class and is a great way for them to show you how they’re doing.  The homework diary is also a space where you can put your own feedback ie “she really struggled with this book” or “his confidence was sky high after finishing those sums”  


If you would like a more in depth chat with the teacher call the office to make an appointment or pop a note in the homework diary or school bag.


The school informs parents via the ‘Thursday correspondence’ when parents afternoon/evenings are.  They are quite quick appointments where you get an overview of how your child is doing.  Your child’s drawer is out in the classroom so you can look through all their workbooks and drawings. Be prepared for some very funny stories in the “what I did at the weekend” diary.

Welcome P1 Parents

As parents we all remember how daunting these first days and weeks can be with your little one starting school.  We recommend coming along to one of our Parent Council meetings, it’s a great way to get chatting to other parents and be involved with the school.

When the children start school we parents have LOTS of questions.  It’s all new to us, and to them.  

Hopefully we’ve covered lots of things here but it’s a very friendly school so if you’ve any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact the school office, your childs teacher or another parent!



School Dinners :  Now available to purchase online via ParentPay.  Ask the school for your unique log in.

Packed Lunches : We are very proud of our ‘Green Flag’ status and in support of this the children have adopted a “litter free Wednesday” so if packed lunches and snacks can be litter free it’s very much appreciated.

Juice : Drinks inevitably spill, it’s easier to clean up water from the floor than sticky juice!


Grey trousers/skirt/summer school dress
White poloshirt/blouse
Burgundy school jumper
Black shoes
Black shorts for P.E
White t-shirt for P.E
2 x Gym Rubbers (1 indoor shoes/1 for P.E)

Don’t forget to label everything!


Keep a gym bag and kit in school at all times, remembering to retrieve it now and again to get washed otherwise it will stay there for the entire year and be able to stand up and run by itself on sports day!

Download the School handbook School Handbook


Monday to Thursday

08.45 Start of school day

10.30 -10.45 Morning break  

12.30 -13.15 Lunch  

15.15 End of school day


08.45 Start of school day

11.15- 12.05 Brunch  

12.35 End of school day