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It happens to us all, our babies grow up and move on up to the High School. The transition between our lovely small village school to the much larger Peebles High School can seem very daunting for both the children and for us parents.

We parents have LOTS of questions.  It’s all new to us, and to them.  

If you already have a child at High School and have any pearls of wisdom you’d like to share with others please email to include them on this page.

School Information

School Day

School begins every day at 8.55 and ends at 3.40 Monday through to Friday. From Monday to Thursday your child will have 7 classes each day with an interval of 15 minutes at 10.35 -10.50 and a 40 minute lunch break from 13.20-14.00.  On Friday your child will have 5 classes with an interval of 20 minutes at 11.05 -11.25 and a 60 minute lunch from 13.35 -14.35.  

See website for more details

Parent Council

Are a group of parents who are interested in influencing the future of the school by getting involved in developing school and council policy by representing the views of parents to the school and to the council.  Contact Michael Pryor for more information


Are a group of task focused volunteers who offer their skills and labour to support the school to do tasks that often use up valuable resources.  These tasks are often taken up by school staff.  In doing so they help to release the staff to be able to do the work that is so valued by the students in teaching and learning.  They do anything from putting letters in envelopes to IT design work. There are no formal meetings, chairs, secretaries etc.  Contact Glenda Barton for more information


Are a group of parents, grandparents, carers, teachers and students who hold social and fundraising events throughout the year, as well as supporting the school with their own events such as concerts and parents’ evenings.  For more information contact Sandra Grieve

200 Club

If you are short of time, one very simple way  you can support the school is by joining the 200 club.  From as little as £1 per month you can have a quarterly chance of winning either £100, £50 or £25, with the remainder going directly into school funds.  The money is used to enhance our children’s education by providing art materials, science equipment, floodlights, audio-visual equipment, sports strips, technical equipment and funding towards S6 Outward Bound and S1 Residentials (and more!)  For more information or to sign up contact Lucy MacLennan on 01968 660389

Email Sign-Up

The PHS Newsletter and calendar updates are only circulated electronically.  If you would like to receive these - and other general school news - please sign up to their email database by clicking the image on the entry page to the school website.  

Dress Code

Any pupil who is not wearing school uniform will be issued with a demerit. If a pupil accrues three or more demerits they will have privileges removed including attending school trips and social events. Modest jewellery allowed but must be removed at PE. No responsibility for losses can be taken but stolen goods must be taken up with the school via the office.  We request make up is restrained and is minimal. Ties, polo tops with logos and school sweatshirts can be ordered all year via the office, forms available on school website.  School team kit for Rugby and hockey can be purchased at PE department  Team socks are available from the Castle Warehouse

Inclement Weather

It may also be worth keeping an eye on the Broughton page on Facebook for any local/anecdotal messages left by parents for late buses/strange weather or dates to remember.