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Other ways to fundraise...

The Yellow Moon Catalogue is handed out on a termly basis.  Broughton Primary School (and the Parent Council) are not responsible for any orders or products.  The catalogue is given for your information only and if you wish to purchase then Broughton Primary School will benefit (for more information see below).  Other companies supply similar products.

The following information is taken directly from the Yellow Moon catalogue

“The FUN way to RAISE MONEY for your school, group or charity”

The NEW Yellow Moon Spring catalogue is packed with more than a few surprises.  From brilliant Easter arts and craft activities, to educational toys, party ideas, and much more.

AND, just by buying from Yellow Moon, you can help raise those much needed funds for your chosen cause.  For every purchase you make (excl. VAT and p&p), the school, group or charity you support will receive up to 25% cash-back.  All you have to do is quote the unique Source Code which you can find on the label on the front of this catalogue, and we’ll do the rest - it’s the easy way to lend a helping hand!”

Currently our main focus, we need to raise more money than in previous years in order to keep the school in basic essentials, let alone provide the extras.

The more people we have supporting our fundraising, the better.  

This is also an area that the children love to get involved in, so they always appreciate it when parents step in to help out!


You will be aware that there have been a number of cuts in budgets over the past few years and further to come.   At the last Parent Council meeting it was suggested that there may be parents who have access to surplus stock which could be used in school.  Below is a list of materials the school commonly uses.  Any donations welcome.

Smart Boards What your fundraising has brought to the school...
Visit the Easy Fundraising website to raise vital funds for the school.  Please note that by clicking this link to an external website your computer may be presented with a new cookie.  For more information please visit our Privacy PolicyVisit the Yellow Moon website for more information.  Please note that by clicking this link Yellow Moon website may present your computer with a cookie.  Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.The Broughton Primary source code which must be quoted on every order is SBR1214Fundraising through the Scholastic Book ClubCan you help?