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Primary 1

Parents of any child who will be 5 years old on or before 28 February in any year are invited to visit the Headteacher of their local school during enrolment week which is in November. When you register you will be asked to show a copy of your child’s birth certificate and will be asked to provide proof of residence in the area.

Readiness for primary school varies from child to child and a child does NOT have to begin attendance at school until August AFTER his or her fifth birthday. If your child’s fifth birthday comes between the beginning of term (August) and 28 February the following year, your child does NOT have to begin school until the following year.

Early Admission

Applications for early admission to primary school on behalf of children who do not fulfil the normal enrolment requirements should be made to school by 11 January each year.

Placing Requests

If you intend to make a placing request to attend a primary school, other than your local school, you are requested to visit your local catchment school to reserve a place during enrolment week and inform the headteacher that you will be making a placing request. This will ensure a place is available at your local school in the event the Authority is unable to grant your placing request. In addition, parents wishing their child to be admitted to a school other than the catchment school are requested to visit the Headteacher of their preferred school by 11 January.


The main provider of pre-school education in Broughton is Bananas Playgroup. Pupils starting in P1 come from a number of pre-school settings so we have a number of transition visits to familiarise new pupils with the school, building, staff and facilities prior to them starting in P1. As well as informal visits and liaison between pre-school and school staff, we have two opportunities for pupils to come into the P1 class during the summer term prior to them starting school. The major opportunity is ‘moving up’ morning which takes place in June when P7 pupils visit Peebles High School and all pupils in school have the opportunity to spend a good part of the morning in the classroom with the teacher for the following year. At this time of year there will be an opportunity for Parents of these pupils to meet with the Class Teacher and Head Teacher for and information and question session.

General Enrolment

Pupils who move into the area during the school year should contact the Headteacher to acertain the availability of places and arrange a vist to school. Prior to starting school and admission form must be completed and submitted to school along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate. Admission forms are available form the school office

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