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Behaviour Policy - a downloadable version of this booklet is available on our Publications page.

To Parents

This booklet is intended as a guide as to how we expect our children to behave in and around the school and how we help them to do this.

The contents of our behaviour policy have been discussed and drawn up in consultation with staff, pupils and parents.  The content reflects the Scottish Borders Council policy ‘Respectful Relationships’ and our work towards becoming a Rights Respecting School.

We hope you will be able to find time to look at it and discuss it with your child and to sign the promise at the back.  The Class teacher and Head Teacher will also sign.  

We feel it is of value to everyone involved in our school and would appreciate your support in reinforcing the messages within.  

Please keep the booklet as a reference and use it if reminders are required.  If there are areas that you do not understand please contact the school for clarification.

Reading and discussing the booklet within the family and in the classroom will enrich your child’s understanding of the rights and responsibilities of all concerned within our school.

Broughton CAN
Challenge   Achieve   Nurture

As our motto suggests we want everyone in our school to be suitably challenged and supported in their efforts of achievement.  We also want everyone in our school to be cared for and to be caring.

To make this possible we expect you to behave in ways that allow this to happen.

We want you to:-

Rules Rewards and Consequences Rights and Responsibilities