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Welcome to our Broughton Primary Parent Council Website!

Broughton Primary is a small, friendly school nestled in the rolling countryside of the Scottish Borders.

The Parent Council have a committed team of parents who all make a fantastic contribution to the life of the school.

Please join us and be part of it!"


Monday to Thursday

08.45 Start of school day

10.30 -10.45 Morning break  

12.30 -13.15 Lunch  

15.15 End of school day


08.45 Start of school day

11.15- 12.05 Brunch  

12.35 End of school day

The Farmhouse Nursery in West  Linton now runs Broughton  Primary’s After School Club

Please visit their webpage for more information.  

To make a booking, please contact Angela at or by phone on 07876 628 866 or 0131 660 327.

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